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Wednesday, June 15, 2011  
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The Challenge of Managing Change
Occasionally, members of the Executive Council share a message in this space. Today, we hear from Barrett Bell, Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

A recent trip to the local hardware store became a frustrating experience. I only needed a box of screws, I was in a hurry and I knew exactly where they would (should) be.  However, that was not the case - the nerve of them to re-arrange and move such a common item!  Annoyed, especially when the closing announcement came over the intercom, I had to flag down a store associate.  When I asked the question "Why?” the response was simply, "We have changed. "

With my frustration at the hardware store, as with so many other changes, I sat down this weekend and read, for the third time, that simply "cheesy” allegory, "Who Moved My Cheese” (pardon the pun).  Perhaps many of you have read the bestseller. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. In a lighthearted manner, it makes the simple point that in changing situations, only those who adapt to change will find satisfaction.

Some time ago, I read an article which made some interesting statements (which presume to be accurate):
  • Every two or three years, the knowledge base doubles.
  • Every day, 7,000 scientific and technical articles are published.
  • Satellites orbiting the globe send enough data to fill 19 million volumes in the Library of Congress -  every two weeks.
  • There will be as much change in the next three decades as there was in the last three centuries.
I think it was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who stated, "The only permanent thing in the universe is change.”  But I believe an even deeper question than, "How well do I adapt to change?” is, "How can I facilitate change?”  In my life, how can I create positive change?  How can I harness the changes, which are all around me, to create and build that which is even better?  Am I constantly willing, not only to adapt to change, but to be a positive change ambassador?  I believe this is at the core of the mission of Rockford College, and should be for each of us personally.

"We have changed.” What a simple, yet profound and haunting, statement.  Change is ever-present, continuous, and increasing. I can hardly figure out all the options on my cell phone before a new model has come out. I no sooner purchase a new TV, computer, or any other technology device than I discover, there is a newer "latest and greatest.”  Change is inescapable!  We all know this, but how well do we adapt to it?  And even further, do we watch it happen, or are we "change agents” that compel change to happen?

My challenge this week is to ask yourself what positive change you can facilitate, and then to work to bring it to fruition.

Have an awesome week!

Barrett Bell
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Camp Rockford starts today
Today begins the two week time frame called Camp Rockford. Camp Rockford originated as a residency requirement for those individuals receiving a master’s degree in Instructional Strategies.  Teachers from various sites in Illinois will be attending classes here on campus.  In addition, teachers from area school districts will be attending classes, along with our students in the teacher certification programs.
Children from local schools will also be on campus through June 22, 2011, receiving reading instruction from the students in the course, Clinical Experience in Reading.  You will see many parents and children coming and going throughout campus.
Thank you, in advance, for your Rockford College Hospitality!
Michelle McReynolds, Ed.D.
Director, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

CARE Faculty and Staff Potluck – June 22
The next CARE potluck will be on Wednesday, June 22 from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. on the Colman Patio.  Brats, hot dogs, utensils and water are all provided. Just bring your favorite dish to pass and enjoy the company of colleagues on the patio. Be sure to save the date and see you there!

First Summer Shortz is Wednesday  
presents 2011 Summer Shortz - three power-packed short workshops! This program is offered at no charge to RC Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants. Registration is REQUIRED.
Wednesdays – 8–9:30 a.m. on the Colman Library Patio, fruit and coffee provided.
"Perspectives on Leadership”
  • June 15: Einar Forsman, President and CEO, Rockford Chamber of Commerce
  • July 20: Linda Grist Cunningham, Retired Executive Editor, Rockford Register Star
  • August 17: Bill Gorski, MD, President and CEO, Swedish American Health System
Register by June 10, 2011. Cost:  $25 per person, per session.                                             
Details & Registration Form (pdf)

Where's Robert?
Each week, we give you a glimpse of the important events on Dr. Head’s calendar. Here’s what’s on tap for this week.
June 14      Camp Rockford Lunch

RC in the news
  • Art on the Lawn was part of Georgette Braun’s Weekend Events featured on WREX’s morning news show and featured again in Friday’s "Go” section.
  • The upcoming camps for middle and high school students at Rockford College was covered in the Rockford Register Star.  
  • Former Rockford College Regent Kevin Patterson Rockford was mentioned in the Register Star as helping the RiverHawks win Saturday.

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