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Graduate Assistant- Student Administrative Services (SAS)

Monday, April 29, 2013  
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Job Title:        Graduate Assistant

Department:  Student Administrative Services (SAS)

FLSA:             Graduate Assistant Level 2


Job Summary:  Appointments begin August 1st and continue through July 31st of the following year. Graduate Assistants should expect their commitment to average at least  25-30 hours per week, depending on the position.   The incumbent of this position will be responsible for analyzing and answering questions (face to face or over the phone) about students’ academic progress, financial aid and accounts as well as preparing/entering financial aid packages. This position is also responsible for processing and maintaining student records, distribution of cash for check cashing and petty cash distribution as well as working with students to set up acceptable payment arrangements.    This position will work with current and prospective students in a proactive manner to insure they meet all deadlines for academic and financial related procedures.  Other responsibilities include preparing various pieces for mailing/distribution (e.g. financial aid packages, grades, registration materials and account statements/bills). 

General Expectations:

Ø  Provide efficient, professional and accurate information in a manner which fosters/supports respect for all members of the Rockford College community.

Ø  Respond with "sense of urgency” to all customers questions and/or concerns.

Ø  Maintain/foster positive atmosphere to ensure all "transactions/contacts” are handled with the highest level of customer service.

Ø  Knowledgeable/proficient in all standard procedures of registration, student accounts and financial aid.

Ø  Knowledgeable about procedures of other departments and contact information to accurately direct customers as needed.

Ø  Promote/adhere to goals of increasing retention rates and communicate concerns to appropriate person(s) to ensure this goal.

Ø  Represent the Student Administrative Services department on various college committees.

Ø  Participate in functions that have a direct link to SAS (e.g. R.O.A.R. and Transfer Registration events).

Principal Activities:

Ø  Knowledgeable of procedures for contacting students and collection of student accounts with outstanding balances.

Ø  Attend various training sessions offered through ELM, ISAC, and ILASFAA.

Ø  Assist students, parents, faculty and staff with questions by providing answers with regards to all services provided by SAS.

Ø  Accurately direct students, parents, faculty or staff to appropriate persons for all other campus services.

Ø  Process all forms needed for registration such as: registration cards, add/drop, degree declaration(s), and graduation.

Ø  Assist students in processing of any financial aid related forms.

Ø  Disburse (in accordance to rules/regulations) financial aid advances and cash returns to students with account credits as well as cash student payroll checks

Ø  Enter data/maintaining student accounts/records to ensure all balances are accurate and students receive current information.

Ø  Ensure petty cash requests are processed within the approved procedures and disburse when verified/approved.

Ø  Assist in preparing various communications from SAS including financial aid packages, grades, registration, account statements and other mailings as needed.

Ø  Responsible for the timely and accurate filing of all forms received from students, faculty or staff.

Ø  Apply loan checks and electronic fund transfers to student accounts.

Ø  Assume Additional duties as assigned by the AVP  For  SAS


Bachelor Degree


All candidates must be admitted into the MAT or MBA program (provisional admittance accepted during the first sememester of employment).

Prefer a minimum of three years of experience in at least one of these areas: customer service, financial aid or retail sales.


Skills and Certifications:

Proven customer service skills

Strong organizational skills

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Strong attention to detail and ability to work effectively in a fast paced, multi-task oriented environment.

Proficient in MS word, MS excel and "data” programs

How to Apply / Contact


Interested applicants should send their resume via email to Nichole Hoey, Human Resources.

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