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Sports Complex Debate Centers Around Two Facilities

Tuesday, August 31, 2010  
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Posted: 7:03 PM Aug 31, 2010
Reporter: Kimberly Brown
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-- The top two choices are Rockford College and Sportscore Two. Both can host basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments like to project calls for, but both have advantages and disadvantages prompting the park district to look into each location in depth.

Sportscore Two has the land needed and extra room for retail development, but Rockford College has dorms and food on site ideal for sports camps. Those amenities mean less building costs for the park district putting the college in the lead. Park district director Tim Dimke said it makes sense to build it during these economic times because it can inject $45 million into the local economy and support local and national sports tournaments.

"What we can do in addition to that is fill it up in down times with a lot of these camps and tournaments which can not only help pay the bills but bring a lot of visitors to town," Dimke said.

YMCA sports team manager Geoff Wings works with several youth sports programs and said the demand is here locally for this type of complex.

"All of our programs have stayed the same or are increasing numbers and we think this could be something that could really help that out even farther so the demand is definitely there," Wing said.

Around $3.8 million in tax revenues would also be created annually. This is a potential way for the park district to pay for the $16 million-dollar project in increments.

Dimke said they hope to know where to put the complex by late fall. They're still meeting with sports team managers to see which site fits their needs best.

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