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Monday, August 16, 2010  
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Academic Year 2010-11 and Pre-College Conference
Occasionally, members of the Executive Council share a message in this space. Today, we hear from Dr. Stephanie Quinn, executive vice president and dean of the college.

Dear faculty and staff:

Please watch your e-mail in the next few days for the agenda and meeting materials for this year’s pre-college conference. If you have not replied to Cathy Kight about your attendance, please do so, so that we have correct numbers of materials, seats and meals,

The count-down to the first day of classes on Wednesday August 25 is here! Groups of students are already on campus, first our football players. Other sports groups will be arriving. New students will start moving in to their residence halls on Saturday, August 21, followed by several days of orientation before their first college classes. Returning students move in just before that.

For the staff and faculty, the college’s opening event of the academic year is the traditional pre-college conference, this year taking place on Friday, August 20. The day combines institution-wide issues and faculty governance responsibilities. This year the pre-college conference focuses on two topics for everyone and for the faculty and student life staff on an additional topic.

President Head will offer his "state of the college” perspective. He will also introduce the outline of the college’s Strategic Plan Phase Two. Members of the Administrative Council have worked on the plan throughout the summer. After the president’s introduction of the plan, we will all have the opportunity to spend about an hour in small groups becoming familiar with the substantive outline of the plan’s three categories and offering initial thoughts. Then, during the semester, faculty and staff members will have the opportunity to use their routine discussion and communication venues to review and advance the additional elements of the plan created this summer. The goal is to complete the plan this semester.
The other overall theme of this year’s pre-college conference is the internationalization of our campus community. At lunch, we will have a guessing game about the international origins and extended experiences of about 20 faculty and staff members – some surprises! Then after lunch, we will have an overview about working with international students. Over the next several years, the intention is to increase the number and presence of international students significantly. That good news brings challenges as well. The college needs to be prepared to make those students’ experiences here successful for them and a great benefit to our U.S. born students and colleagues.

The faculty and Student Life staff will then meet in their separate divisions for updates on each area’s work regarding the assessment of student learning. Significant progress has already been made and some very good work done in this area. This academic year will take us far in advancing this project.
The end of the afternoon is reserved for governance meetings for the faculty divisions, faculty committees, and also for Phi Beta Kappa.

Enjoy the lovely count-down days and see you all very soon.

Stephanie Quinn, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Dean of the College

RC teams up with Lutheran HS to teach advanced Spanish 
When school starts at Rockford Lutheran High School on August 18, some 18 students will take an advanced Spanish class taught by a Rockford College language professor. 

It’s part of a first-ever collaboration between the college and Lutheran, one the two schools view as a win-win situation. Students receive higher level instruction with the option for college credit through Rockford College. The college, meanwhile, solidifies its relationship with the high school and the opportunity to attract potential students.

All classes will be taught on-site at the high school by Dr. John Burns, assistant professor of modern and classical languages.

Carl Boburka, Lutheran’s academic dean, says the school is excited about the new relationship with the college and is hopeful other such collaborations can be developed.

"We believe our Spanish program will be enhanced because of this partnership and that our upper level students will be challenged to stretch their knowledge of the language,” he said. "It is our hope that this program will lead to other potential course offerings between RLHS and the college.”
Dual credit arrangements have been developed between many high schools and colleges so the concept is not new. But the fit has to be right, including compatible class schedules, availability of the professor, alignment of curriculum and other factors. In this case, says Boburka, the match was perfect.

Dr. Stephanie Quinn, Rockford College’s executive vice president and dean of the college, says the college appreciates the high school’s desire to work with it on the innovative partnership, especially since interest in foreign languages seems to be waning.

"It is a troubling national trend that in these times, when competence to work and live in a global environment is keenly needed, the study of foreign language is declining,” she said. "We hope this partnership, and perhaps others, will succeed and expand.”    

Where’s Robert?
Noteworthy events on President Head’s calendar this week.  

August 17: Rockford Alignment Board meeting
August 18: Welcome transfer students
August 19: Welcome international students 
August 19: Meeting with Dr. Caesar Mickens, District 205
August 20: State of the College Address at Pre-College Conference
August 21: New Student Move-in Day
August 21: President’s Opening Ceremony & Welcome to Rockford College for New Students
August 22: New Student Ice Cream Social

RC Rocks with successful graduates 
The marketing department is running a campaign to remind the campus community and the public just how much Rockford College "Rocks.” We are all doing amazing work and the stories should be shared! Each week, look forward to a new letter of "R.O.C.K.S.” as it will represent an area in which we excel. Find out more at Should you have submissions, please contact Cassie Swanson at Here is this week's story: 
S: Successful Graduates.

Ruth Meissen ‘98 and Sally B. Williams ‘77/’95 
Ruth Meissen was the Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2008 and Sally Williams won a Golden Apple Award in 2006. Rockford College consistently prepares excellent teachers that make a difference in the community. In fact, in the last 10 years, 16 Rockford College alumni have received the Golden Apple Award. Hear more from Ruth and Sally about their RC education:

"I am profoundly grateful for the quality of education I received while attending Rockford College. My professors took the time to know who I was as a person in order to guide my evolution as a quality educator. Through their instruction, they modeled the very example of dedication and excellence that I would need to become in order to be an empowered, confident teacher in the classroom. Without a doubt, Rockford College lived up to its legacy.” —Ruth Meissen ’98

"The professors were inspirational to me and became friends as well as advisors. The program energized my teaching, but also enhanced my self-esteem and made me more confident to pursue challenges. I would recommend Rockford College as it was convenient, relevant and it helped me grow in so many ways and become a mentor to others. —Sally Williams ’77/’95

Orientation team gears up for fall semester
Student acclimation to college begins at new Student Orientation and there are two such events set for the upcoming semester.

Our first orientation event is on Wednesday, August 18 for transfer students with over 30 credit hours. To better serve the needs of our transfer students, we have a developed a Transfer Orientation Program that highlights information that will assist them in their transition into a new campus community. As we moved forward in planning the agenda for the Transfer Orientation, it was key that we kept in mind that their experiences and needs differ from those of incoming first-year students. As of last week, our registered number of transfer students attending Transfer Orientation is 75. Special thanks to JoEllen Vause, education; Kelly Cooper, career services; Brad Knotts, dean of students; David Schneider, admission; and Nate Branch, mailroom for their time, input, and assistance in coordinating this event.

For Fall Orientation for new and transfer students with less than 30 credit hours, we are in final stages of preparation. It is an exciting time to be on campus! As of last week, our registered count of new students attending orientation is 131. With the increase of new students and family/guests that are expected on Saturday, we have implemented a student friendly check-in process, and have moved the following meetings to Maddox Theatre: Athletics, Financial Aid, and the Student and Parent Information Session. The New Student Orientation schedule is attached. Thanks everyone for your support and participation in this year’s Fall Orientation events!

CPA society sets networking event
We recently heard from Quinn Place, recent MBA graduate, about a breakfast networking event sponsored by the Illinois Society of CPAs, Northern and Fox River Trail chapter September 3, 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. at Panera Bread in Machesney Park. The event is called "You Can’t Have Too Many Friends” and features sponsor CPAs from throughout northern Illinois.  Quinn, by the way, has the unique distinction of passing all aspects of her CPA exam on the first try!  For more, you can e-mail her at

From the Wellness Committee: The Easiest Way Ever to Lose 10 Pounds!
It's weird, but few of us remember this seemingly unforgettable food fact: You can lose 10 pounds a year by cutting out 100 calories a day. Maybe it's just too easy?!?

Or maybe we just really don't know what 100 calories looks like (unless you're talking about one of those snack packs). Enter this tip list from The Portion Teller Plan, a raved-about guide to "eating, cheating, and losing weight permanently" that's finally available in paperback. Nutritionist and author Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., RD, encourages: "Instead of meticulously consulting calorie charts or obsessively checking the USDA Nutrient Database, try these simple, painless, calorie-cutting moves" -- each one eliminates about 100 calories. The punch line: Do one a day, every day, and you'll drop those 10 pounds without doing a single other thing. Or go wild and do two a day! You'll drop 10 pounds in just 6 months without a minute of dieting. Beauteous.

No-Brainer Ways to Cut Out About 100 Calories a Day:

A sampling from Lisa Young, RD
Eat only half a candy bar or energy bar (both pack a lot of calories).Use 1 tablespoon of salad dressing instead of 2 (toss the salad really well and you won't even notice the difference).Choose small 1-ounce pitas instead of the larger 2-ounce size. Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter instead of 2 on bread or crackers. Leave the last few bites of pasta on your plate. Use one pat of butter instead of three on a baked potato. Order a tall cappuccino instead of a grande the next time you visit Starbucks.

More ideas from RealAge
Scramble one egg for yourself, not two. Make all your sandwiches open-faced -- omit the top slice of bread. Skip the last three bites of any main course. Snack on one fist-sized bunch of grapes, not two. Grab five Hershey's dark chocolate Kisses instead of 10. Choose a white wine spritzer over a 5-ounce glass of wine. Have a 6-inch Roast Beef sandwich at Subway instead of a 6-inch Classic Steak & Cheese. Order a small cup at Dairy Queen instead of a small cone

Come join us for Walking Group Tuesday & Thursday starting at 11:30 at the mail desk!

RCLC reaches out to kids
The Rockford College Learning Center has offered classes for children all summer. Last week was the last day of the Learning Gardens Program. Learning Gardens classes offer Math Minds, Reading Stars, Aspiring Authors, Fun With Poetry, The Titanic, and last but not least, Castle Life. The teacher for Castle Life, Mr. Steve Otto, hosted a "Castle Tournament” with games and displays from the Castle Life class.

Out and about
Events of interest to the Rockford College community and their families.

August 17-21: 89th Annual Winnebago County Fair, scheduled from 4 p.m. to midnight Tuesday, 10 a.m. to midnight Wednesday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday at Winnebago County Fairgrounds, 500 W. First St., Pecatonica. Events include 4-H Fur and Feather Sale and livestock auction; antique tractor display; demolition derby; motocross; beef, goat, swine, sheep, dairy, bird, poultry and small pets shows; talent show; tractor pull; carnival; bluegrass jam; food, craft, bands and game vendors. Tickets range from $2 to $5. For more information or a complete schedule, call 800-238-3587 or visit

August 21: Ninth Annual Fundraising Event: An Evening in the Tropics, 6 to 10 p.m. at Giovanni’s restaurant, 610 N. Bell School Road, Rockford. Hosted by The Hope for Haitians Committee and Food for the Poor. Proceeds will be used to complete the construction of a self-sustaining village in Haiti. Tickets are $100. For additional information, sponsorship levels and tickets, call 888-404-4248 or visit

RC in the news
  • Dawn McCrary, bookstore manager, was interviewed by Channel 17 last week about the RC bookstore’s new rent a book program, which is expected to save students money when they buy their textbooks.   
  • Prof. Fred Rezazadeh, economics, was interviewed by Channel 13 last week on the rise of home foreclosures in Illinois. The state has the eighth highest foreclosure rate among the states.

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