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Six students will conduct research this summer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010  
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Every year, the college funds research conducted collaboratively between students and faculty. Congratulations to these students who will be conducting research this summer and thanks to their advisors!

Kimberly Greyson-Bost (Prof. Belinda Wholeben) – To research and study Gardner’s eighth intelligence, naturalistic intelligence. She will build upon the work of Erikson, Maslow, and Covey as studying other people in a qualitative fashion as a means of theory development. In fact, her ultimate goal is to play a role in saving the world from global warming, which of course, is beyond the scope of her proposed project.

Anthony Capriotti (Prof. Filiz Dik) – To research and report on "Traditional versus Reform Mathematics Education.” This topic opens up interesting conversations among teachers of all grades. His research will assist in finding out what teaching techniques cannot just improve math scores within the United States, but to also produce people who can perform everyday math skills and have the knowledge to compete in a struggling economy.

Joshua Cheeseman (Prof. Mehmet Dik) – To research and report on the topic, "The Future of Math Education: The bleak prognosis and solutions to it.” Through the research, he would like to reinforce the importance of math education among the general public, research proper usage of technology in the classroom, look at the budget situation and how it affects math education, and how government appropriates it’s funding. Joshua wants to show that no matter how discouraging the future looks, that there are still possibilities for the brighter tomorrow.

Audrey Fry (Prof.Mehmet Dik) – Will be researching "Mathematics and Music: The need for music education to coincide with math education.” She will be looking at previous studies of children brought up with and without music and what their respective math scores turned out to be. She hopes to discover precisely how long music education is necessary to assist in cognitive math skills.

Heather Goodrich (Prof. Mehmet Dik) – Will be doing research on the topic, "Traditional calculus vs. reform calculus.” She will explore two different ways that calculus is taught. This will provide her and others a better understanding of why many colleges are adapting the reform calculus approach which focuses on applications of calculus using technology heavily. The scope of this project is delineated and outcomes specified.

Amber Joyes (Prof. Filiz Dik) – To work on a research project on the topic of "living computers.” She is going to combine her knowledge of mathematics, biology and chemistry to understand silicon and bacteria capabilities of solving problems. This will give her the opportunity to learn about mathematical problems that can be solved in the world of living computers. Research will be conducted on the new advancement of E.coli bacteria having the capability to solve mathematical problems such as the Burnt Pancake Problem.

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