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Casualty of the Recession: Attitudes of Young Adults

Monday, January 25, 2010  
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Posted: 6:42 PM Jan 25, 2010
Reporter: Kristin Burke

They're a part of one the most brutal recessions in U.S. History. And now many local young adults are re-adjusting their beliefs on everything from their careers to financial security... And even politics... 23 News Economic Reporter Kristin Burke talks to some Rockford College students about the lasting impact of the recession on their lives.

They may all come from different backgrounds... But what this young trio of college students has in common is the recession has in some way significantly altered the world they thought they knew.

"It kind of takes away the security you once felt."

This change of view involves everything from money to their careers to the meaning of success.. the students think they are seeking job-security rather than jumping from job to job. As they brace for a simpler lifestyle.

"We want to manage our money better and are more conscientious on everything we do."

"i was up in the air about what I wanted to do and hopefully when things rebound ill be that much ahead of the curve."

"All three say the recession brought on a new awareness of the world and its impact will be long lasting on their values and attitudes."

" I think it has made you have more drive to work hard and succeed."

While Ryan, Francois and Khetsiwe might not remember these tough times for long... The silver lining might come in the knowledge they gain... something all agree is irreplaceable.

"There is always obstacles in something and you build character from the obstacles you go through so it will make us stronger."

In Rockford... Kristin Burke 23 News Right Now .
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