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They’ll have a research-filled summer

Monday, June 15, 2009  
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For immediate release – 6/10/09
Contact: Chuck Brown, Communications – 815-226-3374

Whether it’s a trip to Paris or research on bacterial spores, Rockford College students and faculty will be busy this summer on a variety of collaborative projects funded by the college. The range of our students’ interests and abilities is wide and most interesting.

Audra Carlson (Professor Mehmet Dik) – To work on how technology can be used in different math secondary education classes.  She will report on how and when to use the different types of technology, and create four to six lesson plans for each math class offered in late middle school and high school.

Michelle Craglow (Professor Mary Weaks-Baxter) – To visit the city of New Orleans and to experience the lifestyle.  Michelle will be examining the connections among American politics, the psychology of the American political process, and the rhetoric of politicians and then use the material that she gathers to produce a work of poetry.

Jennifer Eller (Professor Mary Weaks-Baxter) – To visit the city of New Orleans and to experience the lifestyle.  Jennifer will be trying to discover some of the ways in which a major event (Hurricane Katrina) or disaster can affect the way literature is written and the way such a disaster is addressed and not addressed by the writers who are affected by such an event.

Stacy Lidvall (Professor Filiz Dik) – To work with statistical concepts used in biological and medical research through a study within the field of biostatistics.  She will explain and demonstrate the relevance of statistics in the field of public health and biology/medicine.

Ed Phebus (Professor Michael Perry) – To visit the city of New Orleans to explore a connection between the places in Toole’s novel with a photo journal,  and create a synergistic element to an already proposed paper in English 381.

Aaron Powers (Professor Joseph Ward) – To explore and analyze the current uses of glycerol, a byproduct of many biofuels, and potentially to discover more ways to use glycerol as a renewable carbon source for chemical transformations.
Rachel Rhea (Professor Deborah Breiter) – To produce plasmid and glycerol stocks for a number of different recombinant T cell receptors.  This will be an opportunity to explore the techniques of isolating recombinant DNA through the use of vectors, antibiotic selection, and restriction enzymes.

Danielle Rudesill (Professor Duane Kitchen) – To conduct research on the formation of bacterial spores and their ability to withstand ultraviolet light.  She will research the subject of ultraviolet light as a sterilization method.

Mohit Singh (Professor Mehmet Dik) – To research and work on Advance Calculus problems in Applied Mathematics.  He will specifically try to analyze and solve functions of complex variables, calculus of residues, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, Bessel and legendre functions and the Sturm-Liouville theory.

Yasotha (Sharon) K. Veeraya (Professor Filiz Dik) – To complete research that will explain why complex numbers should be taught in high school.  She intends to simplify the usage of complex numbers and how it can be introduced in high schools.

Denise Glasenapp, Sable Matula, Michelle Mishmash (Professor Rafal Krazek) – To travel to Paris, France.  There are two common objectives to the trip:  linguistic and artistic.  As art history students, they will be exploring neo-classical artists found in the Louvre Museum, Impressionist painters at the Museum d’Orsay in Paris, and a trip to Giverney to compare artistic vision of the world of the Impressionist school with what we call an objective reality.  They would like to organize an exhibition of photography taken during the trip to France and organize campus events to talk about their experiences and research findings.  Each has studied French at different proficiency levels, so they will be able to be immersed in the language while researching the artistic sides of Paris.

Rockford College customarily funds collaborative summer research projects like these. The summer affords more time for focused study on the part of both students and faculty and allows both to pursue those areas that especially interest them. 


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