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Stateline Gears Up for Inauguration

Monday, January 19, 2009  
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By Max Seigle
Posted January 19, 2009 @ 10:45 p.m.
"We have the closest thing to Barack Obama."
The closest thing is this cut-out of our next president .
And from the ground up, it will greet folks coming by Rockford's "Just Goods" store Tuesday.
"We hope to have a mini-Washington D.C. inaugural party," said Stanley Campbell with the Rockford Peace and Justice group.
The party will feature "photo ops" with that cut-out while the real Obama and his swearing in plays out on this projector screen.
"This is a way to watch it with people who really care, who worked on the campaign, put their heart and soul into it, kept there fingers crossed," Campbell said.
Campbell the plan is to "pin" it all up with a ball of sorts.
"We'll have some folk music and close it with a little dancing," Campbell said.
From the small to the big, another local celebration happens here Tuesday at Rockford's Coronado Theater.
"This is going to be a totally historical event and we want people to say they saw it at the Coronado," said Cyndie Hall, with the City of Rockford.
Those filling the seats will catch a view of the action all morning on this 25 by 25 foot screen on the stage, getting a little run-through the day before.
"In whatever way you want to celebrate, whether it's just the history, the person or the party, it's going to be a really neat event," Hall said.
And one that many in the Stateline are ready to celebrate.
While Barack Obama will only be at the theater via a live television feed, we're told previous presidents have made stops at the Coronado, including Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.
There are other places to check out the inauguration Tuesday.
They include five locations around Rockford College plus some special restaurant parties at the Irish Rose and T.G.I. Friday's.
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