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For Rockford College clubs, it’s about giving back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008  
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Clubs and organizations at Rockford College donated more than 160 hours of service to non-profit organizations and activities during the just-ended 2007-2008 school year, the college reported today. 

Rockford College puts a high premium on community service and its student government requires that clubs complete at least one service project each semester for a minimum of three hours to stay in good standing and support the mission and vision of the college.  With 27 clubs and organizations on campus, that means 81 hours of time each semester.

Among the organizations in Rockford that benefitted from the students’ efforts were: Maya’s House for children of homeless families; Habitat for Humanity; St. Elizabeth Community Center; and the Rockford Marathon.

One club, Intervarsity, performed Random Acts of Kindness that included delivering meals to firefighters and handing out toys to underprivileged kids. Others, like the Multicultural Club held community-wide events such as the International Food Fair, or helped with charity events like the Roller Derby for Charity. 

The college’s commitment to civic engagement is not limited to its club and organizations by any means.  Every year, hundreds of students get involved with a wide array of community non-profit agencies. According to a report from the college’s Jane Addams Center for Community Engagement, some 513 students worked with 20 non-profit agencies and were engaged in nearly 30 projects during 2007-2008 

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