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Resident Assistant

Monday, November 25, 2013  
Posted by: Human Resources
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Job Title:  Resident Assistant (Internship)

Department:         Residence Life

Reports To:          Assistant Dean of Students

SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the RA is to provide active support and assistance in residence facility operations.  RA’s work closely with the Residence Hall Directors and Director of Residence Life in maintaining standards and policies, facilitating academic and personal growth, and building community while supporting the mission of Rockford College 


Responsible for maintaining good order in residence facilities·       

Assist with check-in/ check-out procedures·        

Carry out duty assignments and attend/ participate in weekly staff meetings and weekly 1:1 meetings with supervisor.·      

Hold hall/house meetings to openly discuss issues and concerns and concerns of the community·        

 Respond to emergency situations·        

Assist in the evacuation of handicapped individuals in emergency situations· 

Implement administrative procedures in a timely, accurate, and a timely, accurate and thorough manner (Room condition reports, Incident Reports, Maintenance Requests, Key Receipts, etc.)·        

Serve as a role model on and off campus in observing federal and state laws and college policies.·        

Show consistent interpretation and enforcement of regulations and policies

Responsible for maintaining a positive living environment/ community·       

Foster an atmosphere/ environment that is conducive to study·        

Foster relationships based on trust and mutual respect while maintaining confidentiality·        

Encourage and support positive group activities within your living unit and between other units·        

Create door decorations and bulletin boards on a monthly basis·        

Promote and provide a well-balanced offering of programs designed to enhance growth and development of our students

Promote academic, personal, social and spiritual growth of students ·        

Develop and maintain good rapport with each student in your area as well as others in your building·        

Act as a resource person, mediator, and peer counselor while respecting confidentiality·        

Serve as a role model to students through good study habits, having concern and regard for others’ welfare, displaying ethical behavior, having positive social interactions and self-respect and regard for a healthy lifestyle (live within the rules and expectations expected of Rockford College students)·        

Be available and responsive to students’ concerns, questions, and anxieties·        

Assist students in their development by encouraging individual and group discussion on moral and ethical values/ issues.·        

Keep your Residence Hall Director informed of activities, problems, concerns and attitudes of your community Pursue personal and professional growth·        

Attend fall and mid-year training and other in-service training sessions throughout the academic year·        

Be available for closing of housing facilities for breaks and end of semesters ·         Develop a plan to set and accomplish goals·        

Maintain supportive and professional relationships·        

Be a "team” player·        

Learn campus and community resources·        

Be consistent in residence life procedures/ policy enforcement·        

Maintain open communication at all staff levels while observing confidentiality·

Assume other responsibilities as designated by your immediate supervisor or Director of Residence Life in order to promote an environment conducive to student development


QUALIFICATIONS:   Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.  If at any time the semester GPA falls below a 2.5, a meeting will be called with the immediate supervisor and a decision will be made if the RA should continue their employment.  The decision will be in the best academic interest of the RA.Good study habits, time-management habits and listening skills.Strong organization, planning and problem-solving skills. Demonstrated maturity and ability to follow the directives given to you by your supervisor. Ability to communicate with peers and maintain professional relationships at all organizational levels.Possess moral responsibility and respect confidentiality. Fortitude to be assertive with peers. Psychological tolerance for ambiguity and criticism. Ability to understand developmental behavior of the college student. Outgoing, creative, dedicated dependable, people-oriented person with a willingness to be available. Willingness to work and live within the framework and policies of the residential life program at Rockford College. 

UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Ability to juggle staff status, student status and a private/ personal lifeNeed to accept special staffing duties, which may occur during certain times of the yearRA’s are entitled to take off four days per month, providing sufficient coverage is available (exceptions may be made through your immediate supervisor).  Any part-time employment will need to be approved of and monitored by your immediate supervisor.


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