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If you're looking for a job on campus or off campus, whether it's because employment is part of your financial aid or because you're looking for hands-on experience in your field of study, the Human Resources Office can point you in the right direction.  

**Student employment is for current full-time, undergraduate Rockford University students.


Award Information & Student Pay Rates: 2013 - 2014

All work-study awards must be earned; they are not grants. Payments will be made to students in a biweekly paycheck, not subtracted from their tuition bill.

Awards are based on a students academic status and are awarded as follows:

Freshman: $2000 per year ($1000 per semester)
Sophomore: $2200 per year ($1100 per semester)
Junior: $2400 per year ($1200 per semester)
Senior: $2600 per year ($1300 per semester

Hourly Calculation Chart
Locate the award amount and hourly rate. Follow the Chart to find the appropriate number of hours the student may work per week. This calculation is based on 30 weeks or two semesters.

Example: $2200 @ $8.00/hr = 9 hours per week

Hourly Rate Award Amount/hours per week
  $2,000 $2,200 $2,400 $2,600
$8.25 8 9 10 10
$8.50 8 8 9
$8.75 7 8 9 10

Position Classifications

Rockford University student employee positions are separated into three classification levels. They are as follows:

Level I: Starting wage $8.25/hr
Positions at this level are assigned a variety of duties under either close supervision or under supervision ranging from unskilled to semi-skilled duties. Duties are generally repetitive clerical and/or manual tasks. These positions range from requiring no prior experience and minimal training to requiring some experience and minimal training and/or a basic skill set.

Level II: Starting wage $8.50/hr
Positions at this level are assigned a variety of complex duties under direction, ranging in complexity and scope and may require advanced to extensive training, academic coursework or experience, and/or specialized skills and knowledge applied independently to highly complex device or organization. These positions are mostly technical positions. Duties may include work performed under adverse working hours or working conditions and minimal direction.

Level III: $8.75/hr
Positions at this level are assigned to duties associated with a position which require specialized training and certification without which requirements under local, state and federal reflections would not be allowed.

Students are encouraged not to work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year. There is a limit to the amount of money a student may earn through the Student Employment Program. Once a student earns their awarded amount, their employment ends for the year. Check the Hourly Calculation Chart to find the appropriate number of hours a student may work per week.

Please note: any portion of the award that is unearned at the end of the semester will be forfeited.

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