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 Physics Program and Courses
The Physics program offers a minor in physics. One advanced course is offered every fall and spring for those students minoring in physics. The concentration of mathematics and physics can prepare students for graduate school in physics. Additional advanced courses in physics are offered as required.

Course Descriptions and Requirements
Rockford University's Physics program offers students the opportunity to minor in physics.
The Physics program offers the following courses every year:

Physics 105 Lecture
Physics 105 Lab

4 Credit Hours Every Fall
Physics 106 Lecture
Physics 106 Lab

4 Credit Hours Every Spring
Physics 201 Lecture
Physics 201 Lab

5 Credit Hours Every Fall
Physics 202 Lecture
Physics 202 Lab

5 Credit Hours Every Spring
Physics 101 Lecture
Physics 101 Lab

4 Credit Hours Every Fall & Spring
300-level courses are offered in the Physics department upon request if enough students are enrolled.
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