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Angels in America - Part One: Millennium Approaches
By Tony Kushner
Directed by Jeff Hendry

February 24 - 27, 2005
Clark Arts—Maddox Theatre
Set in New York City in the mid-1980s, Act One of Millennium Approaches introduces us to the central characters. Louis Ironson is a neurotic, homosexual Jew who lives with his lover, Prior Walter. Until, that is, Prior develops AIDS—still a poorly understood disease— Louis, unable to cope with the stress, moves out. Meanwhile, closeted homosexual Mormon and Republican clerk Joe Pitt, is offered a major promotion by his mentor: McCarthyist Roy Cohn. However Joe doesn't immediately take the job because he is worried about his Valium-addicted wife Harper.
Prior finds himself being visited by ghosts and angels who proclaim him as a prophet; Joe finds himself struggling to reconcile his religion with his sexuality; Louis struggles with his ideology and the contradictions within it that threaten to destroy his happiness; Joe's mother Hannah moves to New York to attempt to look after Harper only to befriend Prior after a failed attempt by Prior to confront Hannah's son; and Roy finds himself in hospital, his only companions being the ghost of Communist Ethel Rosenberg and two nurses, one of which is a former drag queen and all-around cynic named Belize, who is Prior's best friend that must deal with Louis, who wishes for updates on Prior's health from Belize.

Scenery & Lighting Design
Noel Rennerfeldt
Costume Design

Jeff Hendry
Produced through special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. The script to this play may be purchased from BPPI at

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