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Programs of Study
The Department of Physical Education and Sport Management offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees along with a minor in coaching through a program of study focused on the art and science of human movement and sport, which includes these elements:
  • Activities which are part of the human lifestyle and are intertwined with our cultural heritage that help students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to teach movement activities to future students.
  • Insights which enrich and expand students' understanding of the anatomical, biomechanical, developmental, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects of motor performance.
  • Systematic study of teaching and learning theory, accompanied by supervised clinical and practicum experiences where concepts can be applied directly in a classroom or management setting.
  • Professional administrative skills necessary to conduct game tournaments at a variety of levels, provide organization to professional and amateur sport teams, obtain necessary skills to hire and supervise recreation employees, and support programming for all recreational levels of ability.
Course Descriptions and Requirements
Rockford University's Physical Education department offers students the opportunity to major in either physical education teaching or sport management.
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