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About the faculty

  • All faculty are professionally and personally involved in the community.
  • Many are consultants for area school districts
  • All hold current Illinois teaching certificates.
  • All are recognized specialists in their field of study.
  • All have practical/applied experience in their field of study and teaching.
Karen WalkerKaren Walker, Ph.D

MAT Director, Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Karen P. Walker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education. She has served as an educator and consultant in public and private schools and holds State of Illinois teaching and administrator certificates. Karen has a Master’s degree in Language and Literacy and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. She combines her experiences as a classroom teacher and school administrator with her knowledge of literacy and educational leadership to increase student achievement. Dr. Walker’s research interests are focused on policy advocacy and independent student reading.

Dr. Debra Dew

Dr. Debra Dew
Dean of the college

Debra Dew is a former public school music teacher. She teaches middle and secondary education methods courses and specializes in effective practice related to teacher education. An active member of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), Dr. Dew has served on several national committees.

Dr. Debra DewKimberlee Wagner
Education Unit Head & Assistant Professor of Education

Lynn Stafford

Lynn Stafford
Learning Disabilities

Lynn Stafford is the Director of SPED Programs and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education. She specializes in inclusion, interventions and accommodations for the education and development of the exceptional child. Lynn has extensive experience in classroom teaching and the administration and development of special education programs.

Dr. Robin Miller Young, Ed.D
Director of Early Childhood Education

Office of Graduate Studies Staff

Michele Mehren
Asst. Director of Graduate Programs

Elizabeth Johnson-Lovett
Licensure Officer

Lauren Kepler

Training Coordinator/Assistant Manager

Jacob Hardesty

Karen Ruffner

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