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Look Who's Coming to Reunion

In an effort to help drive attendance for Reunion 2014, we will list everyone who tells us they are likely to attend. If you have plans to attend please let us know by contacting your class representative and/or e-mailing us at Alumni@rockford.edu

If you are a member of the Class of `64 (even if you are unable to come), we ask that you still complete a biography to be included in the book for your class.  The books will be distributed at Reunion 2014, and mailed to those who were unable to attend.  

Reunion weekend is a great time to grab a glimpse of Rockford University life and catch up with friends and former professors. The weekend is full of activities formal and informal, including the Golden Grad luncheon, All-Alumni Banquet, class dinners, classroom interactions, breakfasts and lunches, tailgating, Chinese Acrobats, and MORE! Let us know if you plan to attend.

If you are in a class that ends in a 5 or 0 and you want to start getting things going for next year, the 2015 Reunion, contact the Alumni Office at 815.394.5111 Alumni@rockford.edu.

Class of '44

Class of '45

Helen Mathre Anglemire

Class of '48

​Miriam Anderson Ring 

Class of '49
Patricia Potter Landstrom
Joan Cimbalo Pulliam
Barb Skafgard Williams
Margret Stanton Fairhead
Ruth Ross Ax

Joan Cimbalo Pulliam

Nancy Crumlish Bruemmer

Maryjo Domino Pritz

 Class of '54

Class of '56
Ruth Cekal
Colleen Holmbeck
​Ruth Cox Brunings

Class of '57
​Louise Carlson Sinclaire

Jeanne Johnson Gale

Class of '59
Judy McDonald Carlson
Earlynn Shaw Mullins
Nancy Harvey
Class of '60
Lee Krizka
Arlene Murin Krizka
Mary Varble Wahlmark

Class of '62

Judie Butler Suit

Class of '64
James Alverson
Bonnie Seesland Tyler
Margaret Ann Fisher Behles
Sue Geiger Hall
Susie Glickauf Laramore
Roger Cichorz
Lynn Bogur TenKate
Tom Little
Kathleen Miles Henderson
Peter Sobel
Bonnie Seesland Tyler
Marilyn Wersted Knorr
Karen Niemeier
Stephen Marshall
Roger Cichorz
Susan Geiger Hall
Barbara Engebretson Johnson

Susan Taylor Gustafson

Class of '65
​Craig R. H. Laurent

Class of '67

Loenard C. Pink

Class of '68
Gayle Kullberg Strang
​Ruth Driedger Little

Thomas Hill-

Class of '69

Class of '70
Vince Toscano
Thomas Lifvendahl
Helen Chung Hill

Class of '71
​James Peterson

Tony Zarembski

Class of '73

​Barbara Ragnar Tanaglia
​David Tanaglia
Class of '74
Bob Matthews
Bob & Nancy Gough
Emily Johnson
John (JJ) & Laura Jendrzejewski
Kevin McNicholas
Craig Adams
Michael Anthony
Otis Anderson
Curt Wahlmark
Don Arbuckle
R. Scott Johnson
Emily Kehoe Johnson
John Holtkamp
Robert Matthews
Tony Fabrisi

Bill Maloney
Susanne Bacys Monahan

Class of '75
Robert Picklesimer
Brian Suter

Laurie Hirschberger Pink

Class of '76
​Tim Hughes

Class of '77
Bern Sundstedt
Class of '78
Cindy Bugajski Sundstedt
Class of '79
Bob Kantner
Susan Ouchterloney
Becky Buford Bernhardy
Mark Bernhardy
David Zierke
John Boyd
Mike Trotter
Jeff Mosher
Cathy Glick Thiltgen
Jordan Klotz
Jennifer Barber Whiting
Chris Erickson
Kim Murray Kelly
Grace Ann McMullen Moone

Dan Bergstrom

Class of '80
Michael Kelly

Class of '81
Martha Jensen Zierke
Bettyann Pappenfus
Sandy Faw Szakach
Joan Meinert-Mosher Casazza
Linda Troutman Christianson            

Class of '84
Class of '88
Stephen Quinn
Class of '89
​Aylin Berker Gorski
Class of '92
Ann Marie Riganti Schneeman
Jennifer Nordstrom


Class of '94

Class of '99

Class of '00
Sara Schaub
Lesley Irizarry hougan
Joel Moore
Matthew Long

Class of '01
Eric Hougan
Brooke Larson Moore
Melissa Homuth Kelly
Jamie Jones

Class of '02
John Paul Rudolph
Courtney Geiger

Class of '04
Lynn Miller
Shawn McGuire
Matt Adams
Laura Wilhelmi
Joel Collingsworth
John LiCausi
Aaron Kelly
Patrick Young
Sara Mosher Borg
Andrea Saladino Gantz

Class of '05 
Tina Anderson 

Class of '06
B. Roy Roncal

Class of '07
Robert Frytz 

Class of '08
Erin Kenney Glovinsky
Kendra Saulter Crite
Juliana Russell Barker
Sean Marlow 

Class of '09
Megan Hofsetter Frytz
Robin Glidden Kenney
Anna Dzyuba Anderson

Class of '10
Johannes Picard
Grace Moone Marlow 

Class of '12
Kendrick Crite
Chris Gantz 

Class of '14
Lauren Hyser  

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