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We’ll do everything we can to help you afford Rockford University.
Rockford University offers our own grants and loans to supplement your state and federal aid.

Rockford University Grants
Awarded to full-time students on the basis of need. Amounts are determined by the students need and GPA.

Family Grants
One-time grants of up to $500 for families who have more than one full-time undergraduate student attending Rockford University.

Out-Of-State Matching Grants
Need-based grant awarded to full-time students who are non-Illinois residents. Up to $3,000.

International Grants
Need-based grants available to full-time international students.

Alumni Grants
$500 grants for full-time students enrolling in Rockford University who are the children of Rockford alumni.

Helen L. Grant
No-interest loans that are eligibility-based and available to students after establishing a Rockford academic record.
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