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Fisher Memorial Chapel

Rental Fee

Rental for weddings is: $500 for the general public; $450 for Rockford University alumni, students, faculty, and staff. The rental payment, 100% of which is non-refundable, is due and payable in full at time of booking and is to be returned with the signed copy of your contract. Checks should be made payable to Rockford University and should be sent to the Scheduling Office.

The capacity of Fisher Chapel is 200. For safety reasons and for consideration of others using the space, rearranging the chairs in the sanctuary is not permitted.

Fisher Chapel has a fine Baroque pipe organ and a large grand piano which may be used for wedding music. The fee for use of the organ is an additional $150. Carol Ostrom, chapel organist, will be able to assist couples in choosing music for their weddings. She offers a wide selection of music including classical organ and/or piano and popular music on either instrument. She is available to meet with couples and to rehearse with their singers or instrumentalists. The University has a policy that no one other than Mrs.Ostrom or her appointed substitutes may play the pipe organ in the Chapel. It is imperative that couples contact her as soon as possible to make decisions regarding their music. She may be reached at 815-399-9479. If it is necessary for couples to include music which may require very much additional rehearsal time by Mrs. Ostrom, the couples will be billed hourly at her regular teaching rate of $40/hour. Such additional time requirements would be presented to the couple before decisions are finalized regarding the music. Mrs. Ostrom does not attend the rehearsal. Due to the size and acoustics of the Chapel, a sound system is not necessary for music or the minister.

Ministers must be obtained through outside sources. A list of area ministers who have agreed to perform weddings at Fisher Chapel is available. Check with your minister regarding his/her honorarium. It is suggested you pay your minister at your first meeting. It is also suggested you meet with your minister at the Chapel to plan your ceremony and sanctuary arrangements prior to your scheduled rehearsal day. That time should be arranged with the Scheduling Office. It is your responsibility to see that your minister is aware and adheres to the Chapel rules and regulations outlined.

Important note: All Catholic weddings or weddings where a priest participates in the ceremony in any way must be approved by the Diocese of Rockford. As directed by the Bishop, the bride and/or groom must be affiliated with Rockford University, i.e. student, staff, or alumni.

Time Allotment
All weddings must begin on the hour. Weddings are scheduled every two (2) hours on Saturdays. If you schedule a 1 p.m. wedding, your ceremony should begin at 1 p.m. You will have access to the Chapel one hour prior to the start of your ceremony to take photographs, greet and seat guests, etc. You must vacate the building one hour after the scheduled time of your wedding or in the above example, by 2 p.m. If you wish for additional time, if available, there is a $165 an hour charge. If you stay over your allotted, scheduled time you will be billed for that time at a rate of $165 an hour.

You will be allowed a one (1) hour rehearsal on the Friday evening before your wedding. Please tell your party to arrive at the Chapel 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time, so that you can begin promptly. The wedding party should gather in the lobby area until the previous party has vacated the sanctuary.

Bride’s Room (Conference Room)
You are welcome to use the Bride’s Room to gather and dress prior to the ceremony. Please arrange to have someone in your party remove all belongings at the end of your reserved time as there may be another wedding directly following your ceremony. We are sorry we cannot be responsible for any articles left behind.

Floral arrangements may be brought into the Chapel one hour prior to your wedding time. Due to the interior design of the sanctuary, we do NOT allow the use of an aisle runner, also flower petals are only allowed if they are white fake petals. Please advise your florist they may not enter the Chapel sanctuary until the designated time. Bows or flowers may be attached to the aisle arm chairs. All flowers and decorations must be removed from the sanctuary and lobby before or at the end of your allotted time.

Photographs may be taken before and after your ceremony, within your time allotment. Check with your minister regarding his/her restrictions. The upper cove in the sanctuary is for lighting purposes only, and no one is permitted to enter to take pictures. Photographs may not be taken from the roof of the Chapel. Photographs may be taken outside on the College grounds before or after your time in the Chapel as long as no equipment or persons are in the Chapel before or after the allotted time.

Food and Alcohol
No food or beverages may be brought in to the Chapel. Non-alcoholic beverages and packaged snacks are permitted in the Bride’s dressing room. Please remove any floral boxes, drink bottles, etc. when you depart the Chapel.

No smoking is permitted in the Chapel. Receptacles are provided outside the front and back entrances.

Rice, bird seed, confetti, bubbles
The throwing of rice, bird seed, and confetti is NOT allowed at the Chapel. A fine will be imposed for the violation of this rule. Bubbles are permitted.

Unity candles are the only candles permitted that do not need to be enclosed in glass. Unity candles are not provided by the University. You are welcome to provide additional candles but the flames must be enclosed in glass (votive style).

You may arrange the four altar pieces in any manner on the dais (the raised circular platform in the center of the sanctuary).

Signs and Parking
Signs may not be posted on the campus unless approved by the Scheduling Office. Parking for wedding guests will be identified and is available in Parking Lot A. Only the wedding party may park in the circle drive in front of the Chapel. There is one handicapped space in the Chapel circle drive. Parking is prohibited along roadways and grass.

Chapel Attendant
University personnel will be in attendance in the Chapel before and during your rehearsal and wedding to ensure that ceremonies run smoothly and on time and to handle any questions and/or concerns that may arise. Please understand that this person is not a wedding consultant or personal attendant to the bride and/or bridal party.

Animals/pets are not allowed in the Chapel without prior permission from the Office of Scheduling Services. If permission is granted, a damage deposit may be required.

If you have any questions about renting or using Regent’s Hall or Fisher Chapel, please contact Scheduling Services at 815.226.4039 or

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