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The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) at Rockford University is focused on students preparing for university study or professional programs.  It is a course of study based on an integrated skills approach with listening, speaking reading, writing and grammar components.  The goal is for students to pass the TOEFL test and matriculate to a Baccalaureate program, preferably at Rockford University.  

The ESL program offers a high quality English program for degree seeking students.  We strive to meet or exceed our students’ expectation for developing their linguistics and academic skills.  Students are supported to make the transition from their own countries to life in the United States.  Our small classes enable us to meet the ordinary and extraordinary need of our students, ensuring that their experience at the ESL is productive and fulfilling.  We are accredited by the Higher Education Commission Association of Colleges and Schools.

Important: Our minimum age requirement is 18 years. All beginning students must have some prior study of English and be able to use or understand 200-400 words in English.
  • ESL Intensive Day Program

    We offer a full-time Intensive English Program, with integrated classes in reading/writing, listening/speaking and grammar.  These classes are supported with an enrichment class that includes an oline component that offers academic skill practice and personalized learning, reading workshop and writing lab.  Academic skills such as inferencing, note taking, and test taking helps students develop strategies for academic course work and passing the TOEFL.

    This program is ideal for international students who want to get undergraduate or graduate degrees at an American college or university. It is also great for people that want to improve their English for business or other job opportunities. 

Look at our Photo Gallery to meet some of our students!

US F-1 Student Visa: All foreign students must obtain an F-1 Student Visa to study in the United States. Students will obtain an F-1 Visa application (Form I-20) once they are accepted into the Rockford University ESL program.

For more information about student visas, visit: http://travel.state.gov/visa

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Did you know?

Rockford University has the only academic-bound Intensive English Program in the area and has been providing exceptional instruction since 1987. This allows us to issue I-20 forms for international students who need an F-1 Visa to study in the USA.
Many Rockford residents have friends and family members visiting from other countries. Quite a few of those students are enriching their education and experience by studying English at Rockford University.
Students range from 18 to 80 years of age and come from around the world. We have taught students from Argentina, Senegal, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Mongolia, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Vietnam, Japan, Panama, Thailand, India, Turkey, China, France and Italy, to name a few.
International students may apply for provisional admittance to Rockford University's undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

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