Programs of Study

A Passion for Society

As majors in anthropology and sociology at Rockford University, students may pursue a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree and choose from a number of concentrations: applied anthropology, criminal justice and pre-social work. In each area, the all-college and divisional requirements ensure a strong liberal arts foundation for a more specialized program of study. Students may have a wide range of academic internship opportunities to work for a semester in an agency or organization in the community and earn credits toward graduation.

Majors and Tracks/Concentrations:

Anthropology/Sociology (B.A., B.S.)

  • Criminal Justice
  • Pre-Social Work
  • Applied Anthropology

Course Requirements and Offerings

Rockford University's Anthropology & Sociology Department offers students the opportunity to major in a number of concentrations, including applied anthropology, criminal justice and pre-social work. Degree requirements for these programs can be found in the academic catalog.

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