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How to report a crime at Rockford University
The Department of Campus Safety & Security at Rockford University is located in the Marland Physical Plant. Campus Safety & Security can be reached by dialing "0” for the campus operator or 815-226-4060 from a non-campus phone. Campus Safety & Security is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you need assistance, the safety or welfare of any university community member or visitor is at risk, an incident occurs where university property is damaged; Campus Safety & Security Department should be notified immediately. The Department of Campus Safety & Security has a long-standing relationship with the City of Rockford Police Department and the City of Rockford Fire Department that includes the cities Emergency Medical and Ambulance services.

Dialing 911 emergencies:
911 can be dialed from any campus phone. When 911 is dialed from any campus phone the campus operator monitors the call’s extension and location. A Campus Safety & Security Officer will be dispatched to the location to assist with the emergency.

If 911 is called from a cell phone the campus operator CANNOT monitor the call. IF A CELL PHONE IS USED TO DIAL 911 TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY, A CALL NEEDS TO BE MADE TO THE CAMPUS OPERATOR AT 815-226-4060, 815-226-4000 OR DIAL”0” FROM ANY CAMPUS PHONE

Accident and Injury procedures:
When someone has an accident or is injured on campus, Campus Safety & Security should be notified at 815-226-4060. It is imperative that an ACCIDENT/INJURY REPORT be completed immediately and forwarded to Lang Health Center and the Rockford University Chief Financial Officer. The form should be completed even if no medical attention is sought.

Reporting of false emergencies:
The intentional false report of a bomb, fire, or other emergency condition in any University facility or on property controlled by the University is prohibited. The maximum sanctions available under this policy shall be considered in disciplinary action against violators.

Alteration or misuse of emergency/safety equipment:
The alteration or misuse of any fire fighting equipment; safety equipment; protective devices, including security vehicles and Physical Plant equipment designated for such purpose; or other emergency devices is prohibited. The maximum sanctions available under this policy shall be considered in disciplinary action against violators.
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