Multicultural Club
Multicultural Club 
The Multicultural Club aims to represent the diverse RU international student body and bridge the gap between international and American students. The club strives to encourage the participation of international students in campus wide programs, activities, and issues. The MC promotes the sharing of diverse perspectives, both domestic and international, and strives to help internationalize the RU community. 
  • Provide opportunities for its members to learn and experience aspects of various cultures of the United States of America and other countries.    

  • Educate the students at Rockford University and the Greater Rockford community about various cultures of the United States and other countries.  

  • Foster awareness on campus and in the general community on the multi-ethnic composition of the population at Rockford University.    

  • Foster appreciation at Rockford University and in the community of the different cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, and languages of the United States and other countries.
Past Events
  • The Signature Chef’s Auction – Service event- Our students participated with the March of Dimes for Babies  

  • International Education week (done annually each year)  

  • International Showcase participation with Rock Valley College  

  • Attended outings to Chicago, Detroit and Wisconsin with the RVC Multicultural Club  

  • Highlighted Cinco de Mayo on campus  

  • International food Festival – (done annually each year)  
Upcoming Events
  • International day of Peace – This Annual event is taking place at the Keeling Puri Peace Plaza. This event highlights the efforts around the city that celebrates peace, a renewed respect for others by choosing activities for Rockford’s children through music and special activities designed to promote an understanding of other cultures and countries.  

  • Unlearn Racism Week: The week will feature events that draw awareness to the unlearning racism both domestically and around the world. This will be done through media, informational talks and activities that include Culture Game Night, Ethnic Caucusing and "What Stands Between Us” conversations, all taking place on campus that week. Information will include "Cultural Firsts” in America form African-Americans, Asian-American’s, Muslim-American, Hispanic Americans and European-Americans as well. Documentaries, Movie Nights and featured speakers will be announced soon!  

  • International Education Week: Our theme is "Taking the opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide”. Taken from the National theme, our Goal is to inform everyone of the great opportunities there are to study abroad and to learn of other cultures right here on our campus. Look for Global Community Hours each day that week, a study abroad fair, and workshops that will inform, education and excite the entire campus.
Meetings: Mondays at 12:00 p.m.
President: Mariana Rosas
Advisor: Brad Knotts

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