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"It (the MBA) acquainted me with individuals from other fields. It educated me in management related issues, it gave me credentials to facilitate a career move."

Jurgen Selk
Financial Consultant, Salomon Smith Barney

"The MBA allowed me the opportunity to be considered to run a company. It has also allowed me to teach at a four-year business university."
John F. Scanlon
President, P & W Auto Air, Inc.

"The MBA Program provided me the solid business background and analytical skills so that I am more effective in my profession. It also inspired me to return to school for additional knowledge with accounting finance."
Fred Schmidt
Portfolio Manager-Dealer Commercial Services-Commercial Banking, Bank One

"As an engineer, the MBA Program taught me to see the non-technical end of the business. This is extremely helpful in dealing with non-technical professionals."
Rob Savin
Manager Experimental Manufacturing Engineering, Rolls-Royce Allison

"It (the MBA) has expanded my career possibilities in the future by giving me the big picture and knowledge basis to apply toward a focused career path based on specialized skills."
Roger B. Donohue
Portfolio Specialist, The CIT Group

"The presentation skills that I developed in the program have proven to be invaluable. Second, because of the well-rounded nature of the program, I am able to comprehend the "languages" of different areas. This is especially critical in designing information tools for different areas."
Rich McMullen
IT, Barber-Colman Aerospace

"The MBA Program strengthened my analytical written and oral communications skills. It assisted me in dealing with the complexities of policing and the overall criminal justice system."
Chet L. Epperson, Jr.
Chief, Rockford Police Department

"It (the MBA) has set me aside from other candidates internally and made my company realize that I have the commitment and skills to help in other areas."
David A. Holesinger
Territory Manager, Grainger Industrial Supply

"The MBA Program at Rockford University provided me with a broad based business background that I have been able to use in numerous situations."
Donald Westfall
Regional Economics Development Manager, ComEd

"Interaction with older and more experienced students was a great value."
Loretta K. Glenny
Court Operations Analyst, Adm. Office of the Illinois Courts, Chicago, Ill.

"It (the MBA) has given me the opportunity to pursue the career I wanted."
Kristen Houghton
Senior Accountant, Smith and Gosteland CPAs.

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