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How much will this cost?
Full-time: Full-time enrollment includes 12-18 semester hours of credit or audit course work (day, evening or combination there-of) during the fall or spring semesters. Note: A student enrolling in more than 18 credit hours in a fall or spring semester will be charged $735 tuition for each credit hour beyond 18 in addition to the regular full-time tuition.

2014-2015 academic year

Tuition* $ 27,400
Summer classes* $ 535 per credit hour for undergraduate courses
Tuition deposit $ 100 (non-refundable; required when a student accepts admission to Rockford University)
Activity fee
$ 130

**Note... At Rockford University, you can take one or two classes at a time - whether you are pursuing a degree from Rockford University or not. Part-time fees are $735 per credit hour. (excludes the Return-to-College BSMS program)

*Tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 academic year are subject to change.

Insurance costs
All full-time and/or residential students are required to have some type of health insurance. Rockford University uses a "mandatory with waiver” system. Students will be charged the health insurance fee, and the fee waived when proof of insurance (copy of card, front and back) and the fee waived when the online waiver form is completed. Contact Lang Center for further information, 815-226-4083.

2014-2015 academic year

Domestic insurance ($5,000 basic policy) $ 2,000 annually
International plan $ 2,000 annually

For questions concerning International Health Insurance requirements, contact Lang Center or the Kobe-Regents Center at 815-394-5112.

Students participating in intercollegiate athletics must have primary insurance that is not the student insurance plan. Rockford University provides an excess or secondary coverage policy for athletic participation. Students are responsible for purchasing their own primary coverage to participate in athletics.

Room and board

Residence hall room fees for students attending the full 2014-2015 academic year:

2014-2015 academic year

Double room $ 4,190
Single room (subject to availability) $ 5,770
Super single room (subject to availability) $ 6,800
Double as single (subject to availability) $ 6,800
Suite $ 4,510

19 meal plan / traditional $50 flex
$ 3,520
15 meal plan / traditional $75 flex $ 3,370
NEW: 175 Meals/Block $200 flex
$ 3,310

All resident students must sign up for one of the meal plans. All first-year students must sign up for the 19-meal plan. The 19 and 15 meal plan options are based on the number of breakfasts, lunches or dinners a student is entitled to in a seven-day period.  The 175 meals/Block is the number of meals available during the semester.

All tuition and fees are subject to change for the 2015 - 2016 academic year.
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