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English Department Announcements

left to right: Ed Phebus, Mary Weaks-Baxter, Jennifer Eller, Michael Perry, Michelle Craglow
Congratulations to English majors Michelle Craglow, Jennifer Eller and Ed Phebus! These seniors presented research papers at the Streamlines Undergraduate Languages and Literature Conference, on November 14, 2009, at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. The presentations developed from the students' summer research in New Orleans, Louisiana. The trip was organized by English professors Mary Weaks-Baxter and Michael Perry, and generously funded by student faculty summer research grants.

Oprah AffectProfessor Michael Perry is among the contributors to a collection from SUNY University Press that explores the broad cultural impact of Oprah’s Book Club.

The Oprah Affect explores the cultural impact of Oprah’s Book Club, particularly in light of debates about the definition and purpose of literature in American culture. For the critics collected here, Oprah’s Book Club stands, in the context of American literary history, not as an egregious undermining of who we are and what we represent, as some have maintained, but as the latest manifestation of a tradition that encourages symbiotic relationships between readers and texts.

Beirut ReduxFinishing Line Press Proudly Announces the Publication of
Beirut Redux by Susan Azar Porterfield

Beirut Redux deftly explores the plight of living "Between Two Worlds."  In poems that are tender and shrewd, self-aware and haunted, the poet moves between the American Midwest and Lebanon with grace and acuity. These poems, which are almost of necessity politically savvy and movingly personal, will get under your skin.
-Baron Wormser

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