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Scholarship Calculator
Through our scholarships, grants, and other financial aid, Rockford University works individually with students and their families to determine the most beneficial financial aid package for them. We award scholarships to 99% of our full-time students. This scholarship calculator will show you what your scholarship might be!

Rockford University scholarships are just one source of financial aid for entering students. You can calculate your expected scholarship level by filling out the form below. This scholarship calculator is intended for use by incoming full-time students enrolling for the fall 2014-15 academic year.

  • Select first-year if you will be entering Rockford University the semester after graduating high school, even if you have taken college coursework as part of a dual enrollment program. Select transfer if you will have completed 12 or more credits at the 100-level or higher at a college or university after high school graduation and before you enter Rockford University. If you will have completed less than 12 credits post high school, but before entering Rockford University, select first-year.

  • If you are using the ACT, use composite score only. Do not include writing.

  • If you are using the SAT, enter the combined scores from the Critical Reading and Math sections only. Do not use your score from the writing section (essay score).
  • Enter your cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale

Scholarship Calculator

Student Type: First-Year
Residence: On Campus
Off Campus
Score: ACT

Please note: the scholarship calculation is only one source of financial aid you will receive. It does not include federal or state grants, other Rockford University scholarships or grants, work-study or other scholarships for which you may also qualify.

All offers of admission and scholarship require a review of official transcripts.

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